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Belauan Pride Decal

Belauan Pride Decal

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Measurement is measured by the longest part of the decal!


- Use on your car, windows, laptops, phone cases, cups, etc. Basically anything that has a smooth surface where decals can stick.

- Available in different Colors

- Durable for outdoor use

-Decals are not reusable. Once you peel it it will be damaged and won't be able to be reuse.

- All decals will be on a backing paper and covered with a transfer tape.

-Each decal order comes with an alcohol wipe and instructions on how to apply.

- Made to order! Processing time is 1-2 weeks. Which means your decal will be processed and shipped out with the time frame.

-If you order multiple different products, the processing time follows the one with the most time. (ex: if you order a shirt and a decal, we will follow the processing time for the shirt)

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