About Us

MisDil Family Designs started in August of 2020. Where it was known as Misdil Creations. It started as a sticker shop inspired by the Culture and Beauty of the beautiful island of Palau on Facebook to a few friends and family. And now we have expanded and offer a variety of products from sticker, decals, cups, and apparel, showcasing the beauty of our Home Island.


Misdil Family Designs (a.k.a Misdil Creations) was started by Gina. She has always been into drawing, sketching, and creating her own decor for her home by reusing other things that were meant to be thrown out. In 2020 she started drawing and designing ideas inspired by Palau as stickers for herself and family. From the support and inspiration from her partner and family, she started making stickers just for her Facebook friends and families. Since then she has expanded her creations and designs into multiple products.


MISDIL is a combo of both partners Native Palauan Names. It was used as a unique name for the sticker shop. But since expanding the business into different products, it was time for a change of name. They wanted to keep "MISDIL" in the new name. With the family giving ideas, inspirations, and input to the designs, they decided it is best to name the business, MISDIL FAMILY DESIGNS! We are always thankful and grateful for all the support and love from the family that it is the right name for us!

Thank you all for the support! Hope you love and enjoy the products as much as we enjoy making them for you!